This project focuses on the importance and challenge of climate science research. Dr. Sukyoung Lee’s works to improve climate models with regard to atmospheric and oceanic circulations – jets and waves. Looking for patterns in the atmosphere and oceans, these efforts seek to reduce the uncertainties in long-term climate prediction of the global-scale surface temperature and circulations. During the 2017-18 academic year, two students selected to participate in a research experience as part of CSATS’s Young Scholars program. To generate student interest and awareness of the climate change field, the high school students will be invited to join weekly research group meetings. With the support of Dr. Lee, graduate students, and the mentor teacher, they will also engage in research using the climate science data sets. The high school students will contribute to the research and communicate their learning by presenting a poster at Exploration-U, a community science night supported by a collaboration between Penn State and a local high school. For completing this work, the students will earn two independent study college credits. 

Student Benefits

  • 2 Independent Study College Credits
  • Opportunity to work with meteorology researchers, graduate students and other Penn State faculty


Kathleen Hill, PhD

Assistant Professor of Science Education

Email: | Phone: 814-863-2275

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