Carbon Educators and Researchers Together for Humanity (CarbonEARTH)

CarbonEARTH brings Penn State STEM graduate fellows together with grade 4-8 teachers from Harrisburg and Philipsburg-Osceola Area School Districts to enhance graduate Fellow's non-technical communication skills, expand teachers' understanding of science content and research in fields related to carbon, and engage students in open-inquiry investigations related to matter, energy, ecosystems and earth processes.

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CSATS' Involvement:

  • Collaborating with K-12 teachers, scientists and engineers to design the program
  • Training graduate Fellows in K-12 science teaching strategies
  • Providing professional development for participating teachers in inquiry based science teaching
  • Providing ongoing support as they engage grade 4-8 teachers and students in open-inquiry projects related to Fellows' research areas
  • Guiding Fellows in design and implementation teacher workshops addressing aspects of authentic scientific research and its application in the classroom
This five-year NSF-funded Graduate K-12 project (GK12) is directed by Prof. Renee Diehl (PI - physics, College of Science) with Co-PIs from the Colleges of Earth and Mineral Sciences, Engineering, Agricultural Sciences, and Education.