From Local to Extreme Environments (FLEXE)

From Local to Extreme Environments (FLEXE) is a GLOBE project involving study of the deep ocean led by Pennsylvania State University in partnership with Ridge 2000 and InterRIDGE scientists. Through comparative protocols and online interactions with project scientists and partner schools, students gain an understanding of local and deep-sea environments, the interconnected Earth system, and the process of science. FLEXE is GLOBE's first project to examine the deep ocean environment-the largest ecosystem on Earth.

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CSATS' Involvement:

  • Collaborating on the development of protocols for collecting data in local environments
  • Collaborating on the development of classroom-based learning activities and data analysis to coincide with current scientific research
  • Building and maintaining project's website, connecting thousands of students with oceanographers
  • Conducting data analysis on project
This NSF-funded project brings together Ridge 2000 (a network of ocean scientists), CSATS, and the GLOBE Program with Co-PIs from the Colleges of Biology and Education.