Research and Education on Buruli Ulcer, Inundations, and Land Disturbance (reBUild)

The education component of this NSF science research project engages Ghanaian K-12 school districts with Penns Valley Area School District in science research activities on disease outbreak. This is an interdisciplinary cross-cultural sister-school partnership centered on the global nature of problems linking disease and environmental disruption.

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CSATS' Involvement:

  • Designing and implementing the grant's educational component
  • Working with US and Ghanaian schools in supporting the following:
    • utilizing open-inquiry methods of instruction
    • promoting fostered learning
    • Instructing teachers in complex systems science and social science research methods
    • supporting sister-school cultural exchange
    • providing teacher professional development workshops
This NSF-funded project reBUild is directed by Geography Professor Dr. Tschakert with Co-PI's from the Earth and Mineral Sciences Geography and Geoscience Departments, CSATS, and the following partners: the University of Mines and Technology in Ghana, KNUST, University of Ghana, Legon, University of North Texas, and The University of Iowa.