Research Experiences for Urban Science Teachers

CSATS operates a program funded by the Boeing Corporation that provides research experiences for urban science teachers in Penn State science and engineering labs or Industry Labs to support and enhance science learning in the classroom.

Opportunities include year-long or half-year sabbaticals, or 6-8 week summer research experiences. In addition to matching teachers with researchers and managing logistics, CSATS faculty and staff will provide professional development for teachers and researchers to optimize teachers' experience and ability to transfer learning to the classroom.

  • Experience Life as a Researcher

Work alongside scientists and engineers on cutting-edge science and engineering research. Learn new content and scientific skills by working with a research team in fields like astronomy, oceanography, or nanotechnology.

  • Build Networks

Meet other teachers and science professionals, increasing knowledge about other science outreach projects and resources.

  • Choose Your Home Base

Depending upon the project, you can be based at University Park or a number of other campuses and research sites.

For more information email Matt Johnson or call 814-863-6607.

2011 Boeing Sabbatical Research Experiences

In the summer of 2011, four teachers from the Harrisburg school district participated in Research Experiences for Teachers. These opportunities are funded by the Boeing Corporation and are intended to provide experiences for urban teachers to work with scientists in an effort to gain valuable content knowledge as well as to participate in cutting-edge research.

Penn State Medical School - Hershey, PA

Teachers CindyLee Hart and Kere Trostle conduct experiments during their sabbaticalTeacher Tammy Hatcher conducts an experiment during her sabbatical
From left: CindyLee Hart (Ben Franklin Middle School, 7th grade), Kere Trostle (Rowland Elementary, 5th grade), and Tammy Hatcher (Downey Elementary, 6th grade)

Kere Trostle, CindyLee Hart, and Tammy Hatcher spent 8 weeks in the laboratories of Dr Kent Vrana and Dr. Richard Mailman in the Department of Pharmacology performing research about the effects of a drug used to treat patients with Parkinson's disease. Their research involved biochemical and behavioral studies using rats as a model system and their findings set up future studies that may affect the future of Parkinson's disease treatment.

Penn State Harrisburg - Harrisburg, PA

Teacher Carolyn McGinty
Carolyn McGinty (Harrisburg High School)

Carolyn McGinty, a chemistry teacher at Harrisburg High School did her research in the laboratory of Dr. Sairam Rudrabhatla , a professor of biology at Penn State Harrisburg. She studied the growth of the fig plant and the results of growing them in different media on the growth of shoots, roots and calluses.

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For more information email Matt Johnson or call 814-863-6607.