NASA Swift Video & Curricular Resources

CSATS and Penn State Public Broadcasting (WPSU) co-authored the NASA Educational Guide Eyes through Time. CSATS designed standards aligned lesson plans that made use of the rich multi-media video clips developed by WPSU. These resources were developed to tell the story of the Swift Gamma Ray Observatory and gamma ray bursts. Geared for middle school students, these resources provide both Swift-related science experiences and insights into the history and nature of science. Lesson plans and video are available on the web at

NASA Swift Content Applets for High School Physics Classes

The Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium working with Penn State Public Broadcasting solicited CSATS educational expertise to develop content applets for high school teachers to utilize in classroom instruction. These applets highlight physics concepts related to the Swift mission of gamma-ray burst science.

For more information visit NASA Swift Homepage, email Bill Carlsen or call 814-865-5664.