CSATS Services

Broader Impacts and Project Design
  • Assistance in development and implementation of cohesive and comprehensive pre-college STEM education programs for "broader impacts" components of research grants.
  • Assistance for STEM researchers to develop K-12 classroom or teacher professional development projects as part of grants.

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Information and Networking
  • Guidance for STEM researchers about options for outreach models and collaborations at Penn State (SIRO).
  • Monthly Outreach Luncheons with PSU STEM outreach personnel and science education faculty. For more information about attending, contact Janell Howe at juh6@psu.edu or (814) 865-3525.
  • Up to date information for districts about ongoing Penn State STEM outreach programs.
  • Monthly STEM E-Newsletter for K-12 teachers and administrators. Read our STEM E-Newsletter...
District Partnerships
  • CSATS faculty and staff works with K-12 schools and districts and Penn State STEM researchers and outreach providers to determine each partner's specific educational and outreach needs, and use that information to support mutually beneficial relationships. For more information, contact Annmarie Ward at arw192@psu.edu.
Research-based Science Pedagogy for STEM Experts
  • In order to maximize effectiveness of such interactive opportunities, CSATS will provide training for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students involved in K-12 science, technology and engineering outreach programs. This training will familiarize university scientists and engineers with relevant aspects of learning theory and research-based teaching strategies that will enhance their ability to interact with teachers and students.
  • Training will take on various forms depending on the context and goals of the education outreach project at hand, and will benefit from collaborative design involving Penn State science education faculty. For more information, contact Annmarie Ward at arw192@psu.edu.