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KidWind Challenge

Save the Date!  The KidWind Challenge will be April 3, 2019!

We are at full capacity this year.  We hope you consider next year and feel free to reach out with questions.

Have your students try their luck at the PA KidWind Challenge! Students incorporate engineering and science to build powerful small-scale wind turbines and compete with students from around the state to generate the most electricity.  Be creative, have fun, and apply your knowledge of wind energy to win!

The KidWind Challenge is a student-oriented wind turbine design contest. Over a period of a few months, students spend time designing and constructing their own wind turbines with the goal of creating a device that is efficient, elegant and highly functional. To accomplish this task, and arrive prepared at a Challenge, students must perform research to better understand the science of wind, be analytical about testing protocols, think creatively about solutions to problems and work collaboratively to get their project completed on time.

Looking for training on KidWind?  Apply for our i-STEAM:  Call for KidWind