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Google-Supported Rural Educator Education for Networked Improvement in Computer Science

The GREEN-CS program will support teachers’ ability to integrate computer science principles and practices into existing curricula by exploring the varied uses of computer science and developing projects using hardware and software.

During the workshop, teachers will:

• Complete a series of scaffolded experiences in the form of mini-challenges that address specific principles that build to larger projects.

• Develop CS projects using robotics, simulations, and data collection and visualizations related to their existing STEM curriculum.

• Prepare a final product presentation to present to a wider audience.

• Share about their successes and challenges in learning and teaching CS during the professional development and through a community of practice as they implement CS-based activities into their classroom throughout the year.

• Receive a resource text, Creative Coding by Josh Caldwell, which provides lessons and strategies to integrate computer science across middle school grade levels.

The GREEN-CS program’s pedagogical approaches will be based on the growth mindset and project-based learning (PBL). The growth mindset approaches will involve teachers explicitly discussing how students can “grow” their intellectual abilities, thrive on challenges, and capitalize on setbacks (failure) as opportunities for learning. In addition, teachers will learn strategies to provide continued student assessment and promote the value of all learners in the classroom. Project-based learning will involve teachers employing student-centered pedagogical strategies.