CSATS Mission

CSATS works collaboratively with scientists and engineers at Penn State and with industries to design, develop, and implement many outreach programs and workshops for K-12 education. Operating since 2004, our experience in STEM education programs and strong collaborations with researchers have enabled us to build meaningful interdisciplinary programs. Ultimately, our programs seek to support teachers in preparing the future STEM workforce by providing learning experiences that engage students in the practices and thinking used by scientists and engineers.


  1. Assist STEM researchers and education outreach providers in development of K-12 STEM outreach programs that will enhance competitiveness of grant proposals.

  2. Collaborate with STEM researchers and outreach providers to design and implement K-12 teacher professional development and outreach projects that incorporate research-based best practices.

  3. Provide resources and professional development for K-12 teachers that build capacity for implementing research-based teaching strategies known to enhance K-12 STEM learning.

  4. Enhance STEM researchers' and education outreach providers' understanding of research-based best practices for teacher professional development and science teaching.

  5. Provide resources and networking opportunities for STEM education outreach providers that will facilitate their ability to develop and implement K-12 STEM outreach programs.

  6. Disseminate information about Penn State-wide STEM outreach opportunities to researchers, outreach providers, and Pennsylvania teachers.